Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang Restoration

Surviving Boomerangs

Status Model Serial Reconstructed by Location
Airworthy CA-12 A46-63 Boomerang Aviation Pty Ltd/SA
(Jim Whalley/James Edwards)
first flight 26/06/09 as VH -XBL
Airworthy CA-13 A46-122 Temora Aviation Museum/NSW First flight 14/2/03 as VH-MHR
Rebuild to A/W CA-12 A46-54 Greg Batts/QLD As VH-MHB
Rebuild to A/W CA-12 A46-73 Kent Lee/NSW Previously with HARS/ NSW
Rebuild to A/W CA-12 A46-77 Rotorworks P/L/ QLD with Greg Batts at Combat Aircraft Constructions Brisbane Qld for rebuild
Rebuild to A/W CA-12 A46-90 Ian Baker/NSW Previously with M Thompson, NSW
Rebuild to A/W CA-12 A46-92 Plackett/Provan Syndicate / QLD with Greg Batts at Combat Aircraft Constructions Brisbane Qld for rebuild
Rebuild to A/W CA-13 A46-128 Kent Lee/NSW U Beaut II
Rebuild to A/W CA-13 A46-142 Don Brown/VIC + frame of A46-166
Rebuild to A/W CA-13 A46-158 Mark Walker/QLD Previously with Matt Denning/ Qld
Rebuild to A/W CA-19 A46-249 Richard Hourigan/VIC Last aircraft built.
Stored pending A/W rebuild CA-12 A46-55 Greg Batts/QLD Previously with Ron Lee
Stored pending A/W rebuild CA-13 A46-165 Kermit Weeks Florida, USA
Rebuild to static CA-12 A46-67 Chris Jamesson/QLD
Rebuild to static CA-12 A46-101 Dennis Baxter/NSW
Rebuild to static CA-13 A46-147 Nick Knight/VIC Previously with Greg Batts/ Qld
Static display CA-12 A46-25 Moorabbin Air Museum/VIC Displays large fuselage portion
Static display CA-12 A46-30 RAAF Museum, Pt Cook/VIC
Static display CA-13 A46-206 MAAF, Oakey/QLD Complete A/C - ex Zuccoli was a/w as (VH-BOM)
Status unknown CA-12 A46-3* Rick Anderson / SA Previous R Hall when stored at S. A. Aviation Museum
Status unknown CA-12 A46-5* A Briggs/VIC Found on dump at Tocumwal VIC by Greg Batts
Status unknown CA-12 A46-10 Kent Lee/NSW Cockpit frame stored
Status unknown CA-12 A46-23 Bill Smith / NSW Cockpit frame stored
Status unknown CA-12 A46-47 Darwin Aviation Museum/NT + remains of A46-57
Status unknown CA-13 A46-129 Chris Jamesson/QLD Forward frame only
Status unknown CA-13 A46-144 Jason Smith/QLD
Crash Wreckage CA-13 A46-173 Gove Airport compound/NT
Crash Wreckage CA-13 A46-174 Kermit Weeks X/PNG to USA

* Has straight overturn truss unique to first 5 Boomerang aircraft.


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